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About asram Blood Bank

BACK GROUNDER: asram HEALTH RESEARCH FOUNDATION (asram) is a public charitable trust funded by Non-Resident Indians dedicated to developing creative, practical and innovative solutions to reach the benefits of Medicare to the common man at the right time and right place. Set up by NRI’S it is run by experts drawn from various fields of clinical, medicine, business management and public health administration.

Medical Director: Dr. Vijay Shah
Blood Bank Officer: Dr. Dipak Parekh
Blood Bank Officer: Dr. Dhruvi Shah

Dr. Yesha Shah : MD( immunohematology and transfusion medicine):


The Blood Bank is fortunate to work with different Associations like Banks, Colleges, Insurance Institutes, Corporates, NGOs. Religious organization for conducting Blood Donation Camps throughout the year. The camps co-ordinator and Counselor work together throughout the year arranging talks with public, helping public to aware themselves about Blood Donation. There endless efforts results in good number of camps and resulting in huge number of Voluntary Blood Donation. Scarcity or non availably of blood is taken care by large data of Voluntary Blood Donation who have enrolled themselves as Donor and are ready to help any time of the year saving sombodies life.

The number of camps organised every year by the institute shows a rapid growth which reflects the awarness amongst the public and there by the efforts of the Blood Bank team to achieve 100% Voluntary Donation and there by providing Blood to the society.

The usage of different components and awareness amongst the benefits of component usage has helped us to save more Patient in comparission to the collection from Donors.


After 1 month of blood donation married person will get 2 units of blood free of cost for any one of his/her spouse and children.

Same benefit will be given to unmarried person for any one of his/her parents, younger brother and sister (only those who are registered at the time of donation

For friends and relatives of donor 1 unit of blood will be given and testing charge will be taken

If card is not utilized within 1 year of from the date of donation, 1 unit of blood will be given with charges of testing on that blood donation card

Card can’t be used for fresh blood and single donor platelet

Medical Mobile Van Service

We have started medical mobile van service – Sahaj sarvar- clinic at home for all those who can not go to medical doctor: means for construction workers standing on cross road , urban and rural poor and others . We go to their home and provide them medical services including medicine