The word Shramdaan means labour (Shram) and donation (Daan). Shramdaan means a voluntary contribution by the person towards community welfare involving physical effort. It is a way of helping our community and contributing to help and change the environment around us for better. In order to inculcate this value in the present generation, Shramdaan Day is organised every Friday at ASRAM, ELURU to align with the purpose of service, which is an essential aspect of teaching and learning. Shramdaan activities may include cleaning of office areas, residential colonies and public places including cleaning of drains, public toilets, waste collection drives, and awareness campaigns. The concept of Shramdaan has been prevalent for a long time in India. Shramdaan is also related to the dignity of labour and the more profound claim that all labour is equally socially necessary. Mahatma Gandhi believed that it is not cleanliness only that is important, but a social order based on equal status is the essence of Shramdaan. Religious harmony, equality of all religions and acceptance of diversity in the society are the basis for Shramdaan activities. A hundred years ago, Mahatma Gandhi began to move Indian society in the direction of nationhood, and no doubt Shramdaan is a great way to achieve it.Voluntarily providing help to any individual, group or community is also a part of shramdan, and we at ASRAM, ELURU strive to carry forward this legacy. Shramdan is the social service within the society and community for development. Shramdaan is essential for the wholesome development of the society, including the person himself. Shramdan activities motivate people to live in hygienic surroundings. Shramdan inculcates simplicity in the minds of every citizen, freedom from the complexity of the thoughts and the importance of cleanliness and green environment. Shramdan also includes social service, plantation and cleaning or the environment around us. Shramdaan affects positively the lives of many people striving to grow and develop. At ASRAM, ELURU, all students, faculty members and employees are motivated to contribute on Shramdaan Day activities. This collective effort brings a sense of unity and ownership among all participants, while also resulting in a clean and green campus, and having a positive impact on themselves and the surrounding environment. With Regards, Shramdaan, Yoga and Meditation Committee

    With Regards,

  • Dr.G.Krishna Murthy, – Principal
  • Dr. Srinivas Chebrolu – Vice Principal
  • Dr.U.Vijaya kumar – Professor