Dr.NTRUHS – NTRMEDNET Consortium & Digital Library –Wolters Kluwer Webinar Invitation

A WEBINAR session for Medical Colleges’ Faculty, Students and Librarians on How to use the collection of CBME e books is arranged by the University and the details are as follows for taking action from your end:
Circulate to all the Members of Your College as mentioned.

I would like to notify you that the trial access for e books is activated and is accessible to all Medical, Nursing and Dental institutions from 15 April 2020 to 15 June 2020 .
Webinar Details are as below:

Topic of Webinar : CBME ebooks

Mode : ZOOM
Target Audience : Principal, Faculty, Librarians and Students of Medical,

Nursing Colleges

Time and Date : Thursday the 14th May 2020 at 3:00 PM

Contact for clarifications : Rajesh Shaganti, 93920 09007

Registration link : https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_0bDiZldbQ8a8d2O1xYeO0w

Online Education – Accessing free Remote Learning Resources for Medical ,Nursing Colleges’, Faculty,Students- Information-regarding Ref: (1). Letter from Regional Manager-HLRP,Ms.Wolters Kluwer,Punjab dt:11th May, 2020

This University understands the unique challenges colleges are facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and want to support the Colleges as they move to an online learning environment.

To help you make this transition, Ms/ Wloters Kluwer, Punjab join hands with this University and offered Our institutions a complimentary access to a selection of products for the next sixty days (ending with June 20th from April15th), complete with setup, support and training for users. These products have been specifically selected as they can help your faculty and students with the challenges of online learning.

Please go through the below which is self explanatory about the products given as complimentary access.

It is to inform you to forward this mail and link to all Faculty, Students of your college so that they can make the best use of this complimentary OVID resources.

Please see the information below:



USER ID : ntr899


How to use complimentary learning resources

Step1: Click on the above URL OR copy and paste the above URL into your browser.

Step2: Remote Learning home page will open. Slowly scroll down and click on the Green color tab Access LWW Health Library.

Step3: New web-page will get open. Please ENTER the above user ID and Password and click sign in. You are ready to explore the world-class Health library.

List of the products available in the Remote Learning Resource:

In the Remote Learning home page, further scroll down and find out all the available resources. Click on the Green colour tab Access and ENTER the above user ID and Password and click sign in. Repeat the same step every time you would like to access a different product.

 List of the products available in the Remote Learning Resource:

Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network (GIDEON)

One-of-a-kind resource covering all infectious diseases in every country. Updated daily, with information on the latest outbreaks, diagnosing diseases and identifying organisms.

5-Minute Consult

Helps physicians and healthcare professionals provide the best patient care by providing quick answers they can trust, where and when they need it most.

Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

Realistic, yet simple, fresh-tissue, video-based anatomy that can be used when dissections/cadaver labs are not available for students.

Bates Visual Guide

Delivers head-to-toe and systems-based physical examination techniques for the (Advanced) Assessment or Introduction to Clinical Medicine course.

LWW Medical Education Health Library

Delivers trusted health science education and clinical content directly to students, faculty, and staff through a single online portal

Wolters Kluwer customer service, technical support, and sales teams are ready to assist us. With, Wolters Kluwer we are assured of reliable access to trusted content and support when you need personal assistance.

For any clarifications please contact Mr Dinesh Rawat, Regional Manager-HLRP,Ms.Wolters Kluwer,90040339966, dinesh.rawat@woltersklower.com

click here for download Wolters Kluwer Remote Learning Resources letters

Wolters Kluwer Remote Learning Resources letter -1

Wolters Kluwer Remote Learning Resources letter -2

Wolters Kluwer Remote Learning Resources letter -3