The Department of Anaesthesiology in ASRAM was established to ensure the advancement of Academic Anaesthesia. The Department provides clinical Anaesthesia services to all surgical specialities at ASRAM General and Speciality Hospital.


The Anaesthesiology Department has 17 operating rooms with latest Anaesthesia machines, monitors, ventilators, invasive and non-invasive monitoring devices, warming devices and offer specialized Anaesthesia Super speciality and critical care facilities.

Monitored Anaesthesia care is provided during interventional cardiology procedures, Radiology procedures and Gastro Enterology procedures like upper GI scopy, lower GI scopy, ERCP and for MRI & CT scan.

Provides Anaesthesia care for specialities like General Surgery, Orthopaedics, ENT, Opthalmology, Obstetrics & Gynecology and super specialities like Cardiothoracic surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, Peadiatric, Surgical Gastro Enterology, Urology. The Anaesthesia Department also provides services to medical intensive care units, surgical intensive care units and coronary care units. We have Pre-Operative assessment room equipped with 10 beds and monitoring facilities and recovery room having 15 beds and monitoring facilities.


Department has specialized Anaesthesia care for Cardiothoracic Surgeries under Cardiopulmonary bypass, valve- replacement and repair, Coronary artery bypass (CABG) Surgery (on pump & beating heart), Complex congenital heart surgeries and thoracic surgeries.

We train senior residents in the cardiovascular anaesthesia services and post-op care of the patient.


The department of Anaesthesiology is dedicated to furthering our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs. Teaching includes lectures, discussions, seminars, case presentations, journal clubs, problem oriented discussions of ICU and operating rooms and also participation in clinical Anaesthesiology society meetings.

Pain clinic is being Maintained in the department, in which patients with chronic painful conditions are treated. A modern equipment radiofrequency ablation machine is also available in the pain clinic.

For difficult airway cases, fibre- optic bronchoscope is available in the department. For regional blocks, an ultrasound machine is available in the orthopaedic operation theatre.

Post graduates are posted round the clock, in trauma intensive care unit, where patients with acute illness are treated. Post graduate students are allowed to attend the national, State conferences, and Zonal C.M.E.s by presenting papers and posters.