Established on 1999

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Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion Medicine & Immuno Haematology

Established in the year 2002 in well furnished premises in a central location in the hospital block.

Licence No. 14/WG/AP/2002/BB/R, valid up to
19th November, 2017

Facilities available:

1. Collection of Blood from voluntary Donors after appropriate counseling & medical examination.

2. Screening tests for Transfusion Transmissible Infections like
Hepatitis B,
Hepatitis C,
Syphilis and Malaria

3. Whole Blood and Blood Components like Packed RBC, Platelet Concentrates, Platelet Rich Plasma and Fresh Frozen Plasma are prepared and issued after Compatibility Tests.

4. Services are available round the clock.

5. Manned by
2 Blood Bank Medical Officers, Pathologist,
2 Blood Bank Nurses,
1 Technical supervisors and
7 Technicians.

6. Periodical voluntary blood donation camps are organized in various educational institutes of West Godavari District.