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General Medicine

General Medicine

The Department of Medicine, ASRAM Medical College / Hospital is with the most experienced faculty consisting of Professors, Asst. Professors and Tutors, known for their excellence, the services rendered in the out patient & in patient departments got appreciation in no time, as evidenced by the ever increasing numbers of both. The Hospital is well equipped both in terms of services and the state of art equipment.

The highlight of the department is the starting of the specialty clinics which include Diabetes Clinic, Hypertension clinic & Asthma clinic. These clinics are intended not only to treat the specific diseases but also to educate the patients regarding the disease, implications, prevention, dietary and other counseling’s. Specialist services are also made available in the branches of Neurology, Nephrology & Psychiatry. Continuous medical education programs are being conducted regularly to keep the faculty updated with recent advances in Medicine.

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