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MBBS Affiliation 2016-17
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M.C.I Recognition Letters
Anaesthesia Recog MD 4to6 Renewal of 2MD & 3DA May 2015
Biochem Renewal of Recogn. MD 2 seats May 2015
DMRD 1Seat Renewal Recogn 2015 May
DVLRecog MD 1to2 Renewal of 1MD & 1DDVL May 2015
MD(Medicine) Renewal of Recog. 04 seats
MD(Psychiatry) Recogn 1to2 seats DPM 01 seat Renewal 01 seat
Micro Renewal of Recogn. MD 3 seats May 2015
MS General Surgery 6-10 Seats Recognition 2015
MS(ENT) 2seats recogn and MS DLO Renewal
MS(Obgy)&DGO 2Seats Renewal and MS 4-8Recogn
MS(Ortho) 2Seats Renewal
Ophthal Recog MS 2to4 Renewal of 1MS & 1DO May 2015
Ortho Recog MS 3to6 Renewal of 3D.ortho March 2015
Paedia Renewal of Recogn. MD 2 seats May 2015
Paediatrics DCH Renewal Recog and 4to8 Recogntion May 2015
Pharma Recogn. MD 2 seats May 2015
Pulmonary Medicine 01-02 Renewal of Recong 2015
Radio Recog MD 4to5 Renewal of 1MD & 1to2DMRD May 2015
SPM Recogn. MD 4 seats May 2015
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